Most of us have heard the advice for successful, productive living–do a few things and do them very, very well.  The first step in that process is to decide what those few things are.  All of us have lots, and lots, and lots of things on our plates.  So how do we limit?

After some thoughtful consideration (really working things through), I wrote (in thick permanent marker) five things on 3×5 cards that are most important to me.  Now that little stack of cards stays on my desk. I can pick those cards up at the close of day and evaluate how much time I’ve put into the things that are most important.

If I failed to be faithful to what’s most important in a given day, my stack of cards is a reminder to turn my attention back to those things the next day. As writers, it’s so easy for writing time to get squeezed by all kinds of demands on our time. Those cards remind me of ways to avoid the “squeeze” and locate the writing time. Here are a few things I’ve discovered to allow time for my writing:

  1. –Say “no” more often, thus making writing time more available.
  2. –Get up earlier to write.
  3. –Write in small blocks of time.
  4. –Cut back on social events.
  5. –Find ways of doing things faster.  (I’ve learn to speed read, for example.)
  6. –Set a timer and force activities into tighter timeframes. (Amazing, but it works–thus, limiting time for unessential things and allowing more time for those few things that are important.)
  7. –Downsizing our lives to allow for what’s important.

if it’s important, we’ll find time for it.  We all just need constant reminders of what’s really important to us!!  Write on!!

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